Saturday, October 02, 2010

another episode dawned and a new one is budding..
makes one stronger..
hurting but surviving..
loving and fighting..
living in this world is hard..
expect less..
no such thing as being prepared..

when the world is at stake..

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Instant kid

Life will be more difficult without children. This one here i personally call him "instant." When I'm tired one look at him a new strength fills me. When I'm sad and you look at him he will give you the sweetest. When I'm down he can miraculously lift my spirits up. He is our instant joy, an instant relief to my conscious pains.

He was a surprise the first time we knew about him. Now, he still continue to surprise us with his antics. When he talks we could barely understand him or not at all. I love this porton of my life!..makes me feel whole!..I love all of them. People who matters.

Consistently being my "instant".

Monday, March 16, 2009

im so ripe!

just went to my doctor for my regular check-up last 14 March..i was so late and did not brought my prenatal card that day!
anyways, 7pm and the assistant was a bit unfriendly cos it is beyond their clinic hours but i made up a story that i cannot find my prenatal card which delayed me and that the traffic was extra heavy becoz there is a closed lane right in front of the they accepted it and the routine check up went well..except that the OB told me to walk more!..and i have to take iron supplement.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

its been a while..

i have not written for 3 months since my last post...
i would like to share that im on my last trimester and my back aches so bad lying, sitting or standing..
anyways i am excited to see my little boy! more than anything...the same thing im looking forward to getting up in the wee hours of the morning to change his nappies or feed him ....wowwwwwww as if my mom will not help me ...ehehehe...thanks mother you have been so wonderful all these years to your grandkids esp!.....

since im expecting a boy, late march or early april, im thinking of calling him...markus!
mikel likes it!...why not!..though many names from my beloved friends at work are coming out some you wouldn't wanna hear..nyehehehe

Friday, September 12, 2008

a life is growing inside me!

i never thought i will ever get this excited again but like rafa always say: "unbelievable!"
i felt my dearest other half got excited about it too as he was keen on picking me up at the office midday....
the kids are excited also they have been looking for baby names since i told them about expecting another one
my friends at work (i love you guys) have searched the internet baby namezzzzzzzzzz....
thanksss guys you're the best..

Monday, April 28, 2008

the playoffs

it is already 3-1 Spurs -Suns with SA leading the series, Phoenix have prevented an upset ...
what i would like to share actually is the game1 of their series ...
after a long while i got excited again with Tim making a crucial 3-pointer Manu still has the magic shot what more.... it showing now that im a fan but it was indeed the most exciting playoff game i have watched so far.
well.. as for the other teams never really had the chance to experience their game...will someone help me post some pics from game 1..anyone?